What To Expect At A Renaissance Faire

If you're really thinking of attending, heres what to expect at a Renaissance Fair. Tired of the 21st century? Do things of the modern age like TVs radios and GPS bore you? You find no reason for 375 channels, working bathrooms and electricity? Maybe, just maybe modern medical advancements sicken you. If even hearing the word "technology" makes you nauseous, why not take a change of scenery. If visions of knights and dragons go dancing through your brain, maybe it's time for you to take a trip. Why not visit a Renaissance Fair? The place where you can relive the seventeenth century… Maybe even earlier. The place where the people say "thee" and "thou". The place where dragons still roam free. Go get your ticket for the Renaissance fair.

  1.  Vintage Visuals. The first thing you'll notice when you arrive at the Renaissance Fair is the Elizabethan clothing that all at the fair will be wearing. You'll think you accidentally stepped into a telephone booth time machine and ended up in the late 1500's. We're not talking about guys running around in green tights and feathers in their hats. No, the people working the fair, as well as some of the patrons will be dressed in authentic dress of the period. The huge gaudy dresses with all the ruffles and frills for the noblewomen. The ambiguously gay looking attire for the gentlemen. Oh, we have to mention the old school flags decorated with crests. Those things are awesome.  
  2. The life. The next thing you'll notice about the Renaissance fair is the careful detail put into displaying the different lives and professions of the period. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary to witness a real blacksmith molding steel into a sharp blade. You'll see shoppes lined up and down the fair with pushy vendors trying to convince you to buy their seventeenth century wares. The Renaissance Fair town is totally engulfing. You're encouraged to interact with the people working the fair.
  3. The sounds. You'll hear professional harpists strumming away old age tunes. The language spoken in the Renaissance Fair is representative of the the seventeenth century as well. Singers will belt out songs, dancers will prance through the dirt and hay covered streets. You'll hear the bells and the language and you'll feel like you're really there. There will even be magicians there to amaze you with "black magic" tricks. The Renaissance Fairs go to great lengths to draw you into the atmosphere of a day in seventeenth century England.
  4. The Food. Meat. Roasted slabs of meat. That's basically it, and we don't see any problems with that. Oh, and lets not forget the enormously large goblets of beer. What is the best part about the food? The hot old English wenches that serve it to you that's what!
  5. The reason to come. All the rest of the stuff in a Renaissance fair is cool, but you know the real reason you come to one of these fairs. The games. These fairs offer you totally interactive games. From axe throwing to archery contests, you'll want to spend all day putting on your best Robin Hood impersonation. Watching two Knights fight, with a lack for a better term, is simply kick-ass! They start out jousting and end up going blow for blow with swords and maces and shields… Oh my. No matter how young or how old you are, watching two grown men beat the crap out of each other with medieval weapons just rocks!
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