What To Feed A Sick Dog

It’s important to know what to feed a sick dog so you can avoid aggravating the dog’s illness and can help him on the road to recovery. Remember, portions matter just as much as the actual food you serve your dog. When you feed your sick pup, make sure to give the animal small amounts several times a day; don’t overfeed your pet because this could make your dog more sick.

  1. Avoid Tabasco. That should be a given, of course, but you should also avoid feeding a sick dog anything that is spicy or overly flavorful. Stick with bland foods that are easy to eat and digest.
  2. Keep your dog hydrated. Drinking fluids is vital both for humans and animals when sick. Encourage your dog to drink small amounts of water throughout the day. This is especially important if your sick dog is suffering from vomiting and diarrhea because he will be prone to dehydration, which could make his illness even worse.
  3. Give your dog chicken broth. Just like humans, dogs can benefit from a liquid-based diet of chicken enzymes when they feel sick or under the weather. The broth will supply your sick dog with needed hydration and the chicken flavor will satisfy him if he wants something more substantial than just water. When your dog begins feeling better, add in some actual chicken pieces.
  4. Feed your dog mashed potatoes. This carbohydrate-based food staple is simple and easy to digest for your sick canine. Make sure to keep the potatoes bland. If your dog is having trouble chewing, mash the potatoes very finely. If your pup still refuses to eat, put a tiny bit of food on his tongue and massage his throat so he swallows it.
  5. Heat up some oatmeal. When your sick dog starts to recover, you should try feeding him some oatmeal. Again, make sure it’s plain oatmeal with no sugar; you can try cooking it with milk and see how your dog reacts. The oatmeal provides needed nourishment for your sick dog, as well as fiber and calcium.
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