What Is Fellatio?

There can sometimes be some some confusion about the question, "What is fellatio?" Contrary to popular belief, fellatio does not refer to oral sex performed upon both genders. Fellatio means oral sex performed on a male penis. The word "fellatio" comes from the Latin word "fellatus" which literally means "to suck."

Fellatio involves the use of the lips, mouth and/or tongue. A member of the opposite or same sex uses their mouth and they apply suction pressure to their partner's penis. This process can result in an orgasm and/or ejaculation.

There's a common belief that fellatio refers to oral sex performed both on males and females. This is incorrect. Fellatio is oral sex performed on a male penis. Cunnilingus is the proper term one would use to describe oral sex performed on a female.

Fellatio is popular during foreplay. The male partner who receives the fellatio begins receiving the oral sex when his penis is either not erect, or semi erect. His partner performs oral sex on him, but stops before he achieves ejaculation.

Fellatio is also a popular substitute for vaginal sex. When a woman either doesn't want to have vaginal sex, or is unable to, such as being in a later stage of pregnancy, she and her partner will often opt for fellatio.

There are some negative views often associated with fellatio. The partner who is performing fellatio is often looked upon as weaker or even subservient. The idea of one getting on their knees to perform an act solely for the pleasure of another person is so unappealing to some that they won't even entertain the notion of ever performing fellatio. On the other hand, however, being able to bring a person to orgasm is to control them in a way. To bring a person to an orgasm, you must know about their body as well as some aspects of their psychology.

Whatever your views on fellatio, it is an act that has been practiced by many cultures for a very long time. Performed between two consenting adults, there is nothing dirty, shameful or taboo about it.

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