What Foods Make You Fart?

If you're in a new relationship and thinking of some overnighters with your new love, you might want to have a list of what foods make you fart so you don't embarrass yourself and gas her. The below foods will increase gas in your system so you might want to steer clear for 12 to 24 hours before spending the night.

  1. One of the most common foods that will make you fart is eggs. And, these are not silent-but-deadly smedleys – these are the nasty, green type of fart that sort of fills the room. Stay clear especially of any foods made with eggs and mayonnaise (another prime offender) such as deviled eggs or egg salad.
  2. If you're following a diet program such as Adkins, protein will increase gas in your system and make you fart. So, all of those 24 ounce steaks you've been downing might not be such a great idea if you're going to be in good company.
  3. Forget about beer too if you're hoping to keep your system gas free. Dark beers might make you fart more but, depending on your system, steer clear of the light beers with lime.
  4. And, while you're drinking that beer and eating that steak, forgo the onion rings. Onions will definitely give you gas and make you fart. Stay away from any foods made with even a small amount of onions such as onion dip or mushrooms and onions on top of a steak.
  5. And, rounding out the list of what foods make you fart is, of course, are beans (any type of beans). We have no ability in our bodies to digest the sugar in beans so that sugar ends up in our large intestines which means there's a feast to be had there! Methane gas is the common side effect of eating beans. So steer clear!
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