What Is A French Beard?

Answering the question, "What is a French beard?" can be easily done with the visual aid of a photo depicting heartthrob Johnny Depp. Perhaps the most famous bearded man to sport this mix of mustache and goatee, he not only sports the facial hair, but also the laissez faire attitude to go along with it.

Bare Cheeks What is a French beard if not a set of perfectly shaven cheeks? Unlike the basic goatee, an exact cut is crucial when it comes to sporting this fashionable facial hair style. Stubble is a no-no and the wearer may have to resort to shaving more often than once if beard growth is heavy.

Variations Since answering "What is a French beard?" leads to the identification of the mustache and goatee combo, the variations of the two are virtually limitless. The mustache portion may be bushy or very thin; the goatee may dip well past below the chin or remain at its level.

Celebrity Trendsetters Purists who wish to remain closest to what is a French beard as defined by Johnny Depp (and sometimes-wearer Brad Pitt) have a very narrow understanding of the facial hair requirements: pencil thin on top, closely cropped below and clean-cut all the way around. Working on your attitude is another matter altogether.

Maintenance Requirements What is a French beard if not work? As attractive as the goatee and mustache combo may be, the amount of maintenance required can eat up a good chunk of time. This is not the occasional trim and shave, but a daily ritual that keeps the edges crisp and clean. Think carefully before opting for this particular style–perhaps a chin strip or soul patch would be easier to deal with.

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