What To Get A Girl For Her Birthday

One of the hardest decisions guys have is what to get a girl for her birthday. Her birthday is a very important event and she will be expecting a gift from you. Rather than panicking at the thought of choosing the wrong gift, these tips will make your search for what to get her for her birthday much easier.

  1. Send her a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are a simple but great gift to get a girl for her birthday. Sending a bouquet of flowers to her on her birthday is appropriate whether you’ve only been dating for a few weeks or have been together for years. You can buy the bouquet yourself and hand it to her when you see her or order some flowers to be delivered to her at her work or at home. Just make sure you have some idea of what type of flowers she likes and don’t forget to include a card.
  2. Buy her sweets. Buying a box of chocolates, cupcakes, or another dessert she enjoys is a yummy gift to give her on her birthday. Most women love sweets so, unless you buy her a dessert she doesn’t like, she will most likely love a gift of sweets for her birthday. A safe choice is chocolate candy like truffles but if you know she has a particular favorite sweet that she enjoys, buying that for her would be better. Including a card or note would also help personalize the gift which she will appreciate.
  3. Women love jewelry. This is a gift that is most appropriate in a relationship that has been going on for at least a year or longer. Buying jewelry for a girl for her birthday is a very romantic and special gift. Women have different tastes in jewelry so try to pay attention to the types of jewelry she wears to get an idea of what to buy her. It also does not matter how much you spend. You can spend a little bit for silver jewelry or spend more on diamonds; it’s all up to you and how long you two have been together. She will appreciate the birthday gift of jewelry no matter how much the price tag.
  4. Give her something useful. One of the trickier gifts to come up with but definitely very personalized is giving her something she will find useful. You can get her something based on a hobby she has or items she collects. If she enjoys photography, you can buy her photo supplies or a certain photo accessory she does not currently have. If she collects tin lunch boxes you can add to her collection by giving her a tin lunchbox she doesn’t have or one she’s been eyeing online. Giving a gift to a girl for her birthday that is this personal to her is more thoughtful and she will know you made the extra effort.
  5. Buy her lingerie. Lingerie is a very sexy gift to give to a girl so it should only be reserved for someone you have been dating or have been in a relationship with for over a year or more. Obviously if she is more conservative or the relationship hasn’t really moved into that territory yet, lingerie would not be a wise choice. However if she does enjoy lingerie, what’s a better gift to give her on her birthday than some new lingerie to add to her collection? Try to find out her size by taking a peek at lingerie she already has. This will also give you an idea of what style and colors of lingerie she prefers. Have the salesperson wrap up the lingerie in a nice gift bag or present before giving to her.
  6. She loves to be pampered. It’s no secret that girls love to be pampered and more so on special days like her birthday. Show her you care by taking her to a spa to be pampered head to toe. Let her get what treatments she wants on your dime. To spend a certain amount, many spas have gift certificates that you can purchase and give to her to use as she pleases.
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