What Is Grip Tape Fluid Made Of?

Users need to know what is grip tape fluid made of, because in modern house constructions, grip tape is used in order to assess its durability. Ceramic tiling makes the floor slippery so sharp edges like that of the stairs are marked with grip tapes. Grip tape has one studded or rough side while the other is sticky with fluid.

The fluid that is used to make the adhesive is called grip tape fluid. This fluid is made of synthetic rubber. The compound used, nowadays, is of an acrylic polymer with certain softeners and antioxidants to slow down the effects of aging.

In the beginning, polymers were used with softeners. Now, cross links of different polymers are used to make tape fluid. The fact that grip tape adhesive or grip tape fluid wears off with time is a minus factor for their use. The cross linking of polymers makes the compounds that wave off all the possible defects brought on with time.

Basic problems that arise with age give way to loss in cohesive strength. This occurs due to non-resistance to solvents. Cross linking of acrylic polymers with different strengths of Benzophenones, using UV qualities of light, has solved all major problems.

All kinds of adhesion tapes, namely duct, grip, cellophane, scotch and certain others, use this technique for the preparation of their adhesive fluid. Grip tape fluid consists of a compound of polymers, softeners and curing agents (and most recently, the cross linking of polymers with Benzophenones). Grip tape fluid once made is applied to the surface of a variety of fabrics. It is most commonly used is a synthetic fiber sheet with a studded upper surface. Grip tape fluid is also used in skateboards. Grip tape is stuck with fluid to the board giving a better foothold to the skater. 



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