What Is Grip Tape?

Are you wondering to yourself, "What is grip tape?" The basic use for grip tape is traction. A properly maintained skateboard is durable, smooth rolling and taped. Grip tape is applied to the surface of the board. This gives the rubber soul of the rider's shoe a better grip to the board for landings and skids. This way, a rider can stay vertical more than on his back.

Although an important part of a skateboard's construction, grip tape does not have to be boring. Like the traction of so many styles of shoes, there are different styles of grip tape. With a variety of colors and patterns, the grip tape can be used to brighten a board, add texture and even express the style of the rider. Grip tape can take whatever form the imagination allows; the possibilities are limitless from an artistic viewpoint.

Grip tape is a strong and durable traction tape. A skateboard, although delicately decorated by the grip tape, is not the only use for this wonder of traction. Grip tape has a been used for a variety of traction-deficient applications. In the world of water sports, it also has found a place. Use grip tape on the steps of a boat, to keep from slipping as you board. Jet skis have benefited from the use of grip tape. If you fear you may slip, then get a grip.

Around the home, grip tape can also lend a helping hand. On an old wood stool, traction can falter. Steps in and out of the home can benefit from increased traction. Ramps for wheel chair access are made safer with grip tape. The list goes on. Grip tape is a well-engineered way to prevent slips and falls.

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