What Is A Growing Moon?

To understand what is a growing moon, you must first know that the moon goes through phases. When the moon is growing it, is said to be waxing. When the moon is decreasing in size, it is said to be waning. The period the moon is waxing or growing is between the time of the new moon up until the time of the full moon. This cycle will then reverse. The growing moon will begin to shrink from the time of the full moon to the new moon. The entire cycle from one new moon to another takes approximately one month.

During the growing moon period, the moon will go through different phases. In each phase, the moon will look different than the night before. The first stage of the growing moon is called the new moon. During the new moon phase, the moon is not visible. The growing moon will then begin to grow into the half moon. The half-moon phase is when half of the moon is visible. The last phase of the of the growing moon cycle is when the half moon grows into a full moon. On nights where a full moon is visible, the moon will appear as a full circle in the sky. At this point, the once growing moon will begin to decrease in size.

The changes that occur each night during the growing moon stage are not hard to recognize with the naked eye. A few days after a new moon, you will begin to see the growing moon get a bit larger every night. The empty sky will fill with a crescent that will grow bigger each evening. Use a camera to capture the different phases of the growing moon each evening. You will be able to see the changes that occur in the growing moon.





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