What Happened To Jeff Hardy After Being Arrested?

Are you curious to learn about what happened to Jeff Hardy after being arrested? Jeff Hardy is a well-known wrestler who was also a heavy weight champion, but sometimes having status won't keep you from getting into trouble.

The police obtained a search warrant to search Jeff Hardy's home. Hardy was arrested for having cocaine, prescription medicine and other drug-related items in his home with intent to sell some of it. Jeff Hardy had a jail bond set at $250,000. Once he was released he decided he wanted to take some time off and relax. He lost his heavy weight champion title and lost his contract with the WWE. There is no way of knowing what his plans are during this break, but considering his past, it's very easy to guess what Jeff Hardy will be doing while he is taking this time off.

It looks like unless Jeff Hardy cleans up his bad habits, he is not going to be working for WWE again anytime soon. He was cut about six years ago for similar drug-related problems. Hardy does not seem to have a girlfriend, wife or any children. This is good in a way because drug addiction negatively affects anyone's life.

Jeff Hardy is saying he could go back to work for WWE, but doesn't seem to believe he has an addiction to selling and/or using prescription and street drugs. Hopefully he will clean up his act and go back to being the pro wrestler his fans enjoyed.



Jeff Hardy Arrested



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