What Happens When Your Contact Lenses Get Wet?

Are you curious as to what happens when your contact lenses get wet? When you insert your contact lenses they are actually supposed to be moist. If you put a dry contact lens in your eye it will not work so well. Here are some things to keep in mind about contact lenses – wet or not.

You want to get a prescription specifically for your eyes and the staff won't let you leave until you can get your contact lenses in at least one eye. It's actually important to have freshly clean hands and adequate moisture on your finger and the contact before putting the contact lens in.

Old fashioned contact lenses can get wet too, but they are not as comfortable to wear. Like if you fall asleep in them, it's not a good thing and you will probably regret it. But if you happen to nod of wearing the glass kind of contact lenses, you won't have too much of a problem. These contact lenses are designed to not be so irritating on the eye.

Contact lenses are perfect for people who are extremely active physically and helpful since the contact lenses are not going to slide off of your face when you sweat. And the wet from your sweat won't do a thing to the contact lenses.

You may want to reconsider wearing contact lenses if you work in an environment that involves a lot of dust and chemicals. Dust and chemicals have a tendency to stick to the contact lens making your contacts extremely uncomfortable, and potentially becoming dangerous since you might not be able to see. You'd have to talk with your eye doctor about your job and it's possible interference with your contact lenses. It's what ever you can handle and what works for your eyes and your contact lenses.


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