What Happens In ‘Why Did I Get Married Too’?

Are you wondering what happens in “Why Did I Get Married Too?” Here’s the lowdown.

“Why Did I Get Married Too?” reunites the cast of the 2007 movie “Why Did I Get Married?” It's three years later and the four couples take a trip to the Bahamas to catch up. Terry and Dianne are no longer fighting about her time away from the family and now have a son, but Dianne is being a little too happy and Terry thinks she’s having an affair. Angela is having trust issues with Marcus. He no longer works in the salon, but has become a sportscaster for a popular sports show and she believes he will cheat now that he’s famous. Sheila and Troy have moved to Atlanta and have a baby boy. Troy is unemployed and having a hard time accepting that. Then, Sheila's ex-husband, Mike, shows up, adding to the turmoil. Last but not least, Gavin and Patricia, who have always been considered the perfect couple, are having martial issues they are trying to keep from everyone else.

On the last day of the trip in "Why Did I Get Married Too?", Patricia announces to everyone that she and Gavin are getting divorced. After this, everyone goes back home. Gavin and Patricia meet with lawyers to come to an agreement on the divorce settlement, but Patricia will not agree to split the money she earned from her book. This angers Gavin and he decides to fight for the money.

Angela’s noisy neighbor clues Angela in one some strange noises coming from her bedroom when she isn’t home. Of course, this leads Angela to believe that Marcus is cheating. Things don’t look any better for Dianne and Terry. She comes home with flowers and Terry finds a card with a guy's name on it. He’s positive she is cheating.

Meanwhile, Sheila asks Mike to give Troy a job, which he does. Shelia starts to worry that Mike is only doing this to get her back, but learns otherwise when he says he needs her help. Then "Why Did I Get Married Too?" switches back to Gavin and Patricia. Gavin gets abusive with Patricia, then leaves to get drunk and burn their deceased son’s photo album. Afterwards, Gavin, Marcus and Terry start moving the son’s stuff from his room. Patricia goes ballistic and destroys the house with a golf club.

Troy finds out that Mike got him the job. Angry, he goes to confront Mike and finds Sheila there. Troy attacks Mike, which Sheila stops by telling Troy Mike has cancer. Troy apologizes.

Terry and Dianne get into a fight and she reveals she’s not having an affair. Yet. She’s met a man she likes to spend time with. Terry storms out of the house and refuses to acknowledge she exists. Angela finds out the source of the noises in the bedroom are her gardener and maid having sex. Angela and Marcus make up.

Still angry, Patricia embarrasses Gavin at his workplace. She has a man jump out of a cake. Furious, Gavin leaves but Patricia follows, yelling at him. Gavin jumps into his car and speeds off, only to be in a horrible accident, which Patricia watches happen.

At the hospital, everyone in "Why Did I Get Married Too?" reunites. Patricia does some soul-searching and realizes she made a mistake, and she and Gavin should have tried to work things out. She then plays relationship healer to all the other couples, who forgive each other. Unfortunately, she is not able to do the same. Gavin dies in the operating room. The couples return to the Bahamas for a memorial service.

A year later, Patricia meets a man who tells her classes and books on marriage helped him through his divorce. He asks for a coffee date. “Why Did I Get Married Too?” ends with her smiling.



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