What Is A Homosexual?

If you would like to know what is a homosexual, then you may have a homosexual friend or family member that you would like to relate with or support. There are some common misconceptions about homosexuality that should be cleared up once you learn more about what it means to be homosexual.

Definition A homosexual person is basically someone that is attracted sexually to members of their own sex and who are interested in forming relationships with those people. The bond and connection they form with people of the same sex is as strong and natural as those formed by heterosexual people.

Relationships and love Homosexual people have loving, meaningful relationships that can last for many years or for a lifetime. They can have long term partners who they share their lives with, including a home, finances, emotions and in some cases, children. Due to society’s rejection of relationships that threaten what is perceived as normal, homosexual couples, unfortunately, can have added strain on their relationships. However, society in general is much more accepting of homosexual relationships now than in the recent past.

Misconceptions Some people get homosexuality confused with other sexual orientations. Bisexual individuals can form relationships with people of either gender. The meaning of transgender varies, but according to the American Educational Gender Information Service, it means someone who challenges gender roles, such as a transsexual, transvestite, someone with both male and female sex organs or someone who has augmented their body to look more like the opposite sex. Transgender individual are often heterosexual, and there are many homosexual people that do not fall into any of these categories.

Factors At this point, there is no hard evidence about how sexual orientation is developed. However, it is likely that homosexuality is developed before birth or when a person is very young. Some people still believe that being homosexual is an active choice, which has no basis in research and is not accepted by the homosexual community.



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