What Is Houndstooth?

Houndstooth is a type of textile pattern found on many popular items. The houndstooth pattern uses only two colors in it, most commonly black and white. These colors are arraigned in an abstract checkered or four-point pattern. The most popular houndstooth item you will see is the houndstooth scarf, but jackets, socks, shirts, and even shoes can carry this pattern.

Houndstooth patterns originated in the Scottish Lowlands from woven wool cloth. The original check design is created with alternating bands of dark and light threads in simple 2.2 twill. This style became popular with men in the early 1950s. Many different styles of houndstooth slacks came out at that time in history. Houndstooth was and still is a popular knitting pattern for people of all ages.

Over the past several years houndstooth has been a popular runway item. It has almost become more popular in the fall than plaid. In the late fall and early spring of 2008, houndstooth was a staple on the runways, extending all the way over to Japan, where houndstooth jackets and scarves were all the rage.

In fall and winter of 2009, houndstooth was said to have been one of the top must-have items of the season. What was different about 2009’s houndstooth trend was that the pattern was extending to just about every item of clothing, from gloves and jackets to scarves and hats.

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