What Jeans Look Good With Nike Air Force Ones?

Want to know what jeans look good with Nike Air Force Ones? Nike Air Force Ones are popular in the hip-hop culture and even has its own anthem in 2002 as rapper Nelly proudly exclaimed, "He's stompin' in his Air Force Ones." The athletic footwear is a great casual shoe to wear every day or on a nice date. If you are undecided on what jeans look good with Nike Air Force Ones, read on for some tips on what to match with your Nike kicks.

Go for light colored jeans. You will find many shoe stores with the basic colors for Nike Air Force Ones in white and black. Light indigo color to dark blue jeans is a great to look match with Air Force Ones. These jeans blend well with Air Force Ones as they bring out the appearance of the jeans and sneakers.

Relaxed fit jeans. These jeans are a perfect combo with Air Force Ones as the jeans are not baggy or skinny looking and look good on men of all sizes. Loose jeans are another style to try with the sneakers with its loose fit. These three types of jeans go well with low to mid Air Force Ones; relaxed fit jeans look great way either with the shoe tongue hidden or sticking out while loose jeans look better with the shoe tongue hidden over the jeans.

Wear it with other colors. Black jeans look nice in either white or black Air Force Ones or even in red color Air Forces. Khaki and grey jeans are fashionable to wear with the shoes other than blue jeans.

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