What To Know About Surfing In Barbados

Learning what to know about surfing in Barbados is a very important thing for those searching for the perfect wave. Barbados is a well kept secret among many surfers. Still, a few don’t know about surfing in Barbados. Generally when people want to find the perfect waves to surf on, they think to go to Hawaii or California. However, Barbados’ climate and geography makes it the perfect place for surfers to catch waves of varying heights and intensities throughout the year.

Surfing in Barbados can be great for surfers of all expertise levels. Beginner and intermediate surfers who are looking for moderate and almost perfect waves will find their nirvana along the south coast of the island. The waves on the south coast are constant and moderate throughout the whole year. So visitors can go surfing in Barbados during anytime of the year and catch a good wave. The Northwest coast can also be good for beginners and intermediate surfers because many of the breaks are easy to enter into.

One thing that advanced or audacious surfers should know about surfing in Barbados is that it is home of the Soup Bowl. The Soup bowl, is well-known for the powerful and huge waves that form along the beach. It is located on the eastern coast of Barbados and is known internationally amongst surfers as being a very challenging area to surf in. For people who want to ride a boogie board, Inchcape is the ideal place to be. All year long there are various boogie board and surfing contests. People who don’t know how to surf will find many surfing schools in Barbados. Learning to surf in Barbados can be a great and fun way to spend a vacation.

Even though Barbados is not as popular as other surfing destinations and some people do not know about surfing in Barbados, it is a great island filled with many beaches that will appeal to surfers of varying experience levels.



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