What Makes Beyonce’s Single Ladies Video So Hot?

Beyonce's video of "Single Ladies" has gone viral over the Internet, with dancers–ranging from babies to the elderly–imitating Beyonce's now famous dance moves on YouTube, but what makes Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video so hot? Also known as its subtitle, "Put a Ring on It", the song in and of itself creates the perfect starting place for a strong music video. The song tells the story of an independent woman who's basically saying, "Too bad, I'm single and free. If you really wanted me, you would have popped the question." It's an anthem for the woman who wants to be free and have fun, something that Beyonce has been singing about since her hit "Independent Women" with Destiny's Child.

The music video to "Single Ladies" is sultry and artistic, shown in black and white. The start of the video fades in to three single ladies. The three ladies all do the dance moves, in sync with Beyonce, yet following her lead. The sex appeal is in the moves and the attitude, as the dress is conservative, compared to MTV standards. The ladies wear black leotards and heels. Unlike videos with huge budgets that use complicated backdrops, the girls dance against a plan white ground and background, as if in a dance studio or plain, empty room.

What really makes Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video so hot is the power and entertainment value created from the simplicity of a good performance without all the bells and whistles, even without full color. Wearing a full piece leotard and dancing alongside two dancers, Beyonce worked her magic with this video, creating something you want to watch again and again. It's hard not to get up and dance to the video, as the dozens of YouTube dancers have shown. It's magic from minimal music video tricks.

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