What Makes A Girl Hot?

Some women may be wondering what makes a girl hot, and some men may also be curious to find out why they are attracted to certain women. Different men have their own personal attraction preferences, but there are a few universal things that most men agree on. Some of them are physical, but there are also some particular personality traits and other non-physical things that men focus on.

  1. One of the obvious things that makes a girl hot is a sexy body. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a girl has to be like a cartoon figure with giant breasts and a huge booty. Different guys have their own definitions about what constitutes a good body. Some men like women who are thin and athletic, while others may prefer women with more generous proportions. As a general rule, most men prefer women who look healthy, but that covers a pretty wide range of body types.
  2. Sometimes a voice can be so sexy that it makes a girl hot all by itself. There are some women that aren’t particularly attractive physically, but they may be able to get the attention of men very easily with their way of speaking.
  3. It makes a girl hot when she has a relaxed attitude about sex. A girl who speaks openly and frankly about sexual subjects is immediately attractive to most men for obvious reasons. It’s a tactic that some women may not be comfortable relying on, but it works.
  4. Revealing clothing is one of the main things that makes a girl hot. This doesn’t mean she has to wear short skirts all the time, and it can be handled more subtly. For example, the woman might choose to have one item of clothing that’s revealing, like a low cut shirt or a tight fitting pair of jeans. If everything is revealing, it might make a girl hot, but it could also make her seem desperate and that can be unattractive.
  5. It makes a girl hot when she obviously likes to have a good time. Women who are easy going and fast with humor are often more attractive to men.
  6. Women who have interests in common with men can sometimes be sexy. For example, a video game player might be especially attracted to a girl-gamer, and an avid hunter might be attracted to outdoorsy women.
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