What Makes Something Vintage?

Have you wondered what makes something vintage? The word vintage implies dated, out of date, old, old-fashioned, recognized, hard to find or collectible. Vintage items need to be followed by a year, except when speaking of wine. Different items are considered vintage at different times. If you are wondering what makes something vintage, you need to consider the item you are querying. Some common vintage items are wines, cars, home decor, photos, footage of past events caught on tape, musical instruments, aircraft, toys, accessories, clothing and jewelry. What makes something vintage to a vintage buff is an item that includes an age and a traceable history. The history will be spoken of or displayed on paper with the item. Clubs are sometimes formed around the common vintage denominator.

Vehicles Cars, motorcycles and aircrafts are popular vintage clubs. What makes something vintage to a vehicle collector is any type of vehicle must be 25 years or older. Special license plates are available for these vehicles. Vehicles are displayed in a reserved site or driven together in a group.

Musical Instruments What makes something vintage to a guitar collector is any type of guitar that is 25 years or older. Websites will often picture a vintage guitar.

Clothing What makes something vintage to a clothing buff is clothing that is dated from the 1920s to the 1960s. Clothing will be displayed by wearing or hanging the item.

Perfume Perfume from the 1900 to 1980s is considered vintage unless it is discontinued, renamed, re-released or refomulated. Bottles are displayed in the original container encased, dresser or shelf.

Documents Vintage paper such as letters, posters, greeting cards and post cards are usually displayed in a frame to keep the paper from curling, ripping or yellowing. Photos and stamps are stored in plastic to prevent aging and curling.



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