What Is The Male Sock Fetish?

Sexual fetishes come in all shapes and sizes, so you may be asking yourself "what is the male sock fetish?" Male sock fetish is a subset of foot fetish, which is a sexual inclination towards feet. Foot fetish can entail simply admiring feet, using feet in foreplay or even giving foot jobs. Male sock fetish is an extension of this, focusing on foot fetish with socks on.

The male sock fetish can be further broken down by types of socks. You can have a preference for cotton socks, white socks, dirty socks, knee high socks – sock fetish can encompass as little or as much as you sexually prefer. Male sock fetish doesn't have to be inherently sexual either. You can simply admire the way that a guy's feet looks like when he has socks on, or that could be just one more item on your list of preferences before you get with a guy.

Male sock fetish also has additional subsets relating to the action you take on the foot. While footjobs and foot fondling are part of the foot and sock fetish, foot worship takes it a bit further. Sock foot worship has the foot lover rubbing, sucking and playing with the foot at the whims of the foot owner. There's a bit of dominance and submission with foot worship, as the one getting his socked foot worshipped often calls the shots on what can be done. Trampling, sock sniffing, and sock licking are more ways that a male sock fetish can express itself.

Male sock fetish is an interesting kink that has plenty of different avenues to explore. If your lady is all about your feet, see if she might have a sock or foot fetish and explore that new avenue of sexual fun.

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