What Is Marriage Fraud?

Anyone who has married an immigrant may be wondering what is marriage fraud.  Marriage fraud is a common concern amongst individuals who are marrying an immigrant who is trying to become a citizen.  Some people find that they have become victims of marriage fraud without even realizing it.

Marriage fraud is an act of marriage that occurs with a desire for an advance in lifestyle rather than love.  Many immigrants find it extremely difficult to obtain citizenship on their own.  They will turn to marriage in order to receive a valid citizenship, because it is an easier process.  The married couple will have to prove their knowledge of each other, show finances that they share, and clearly demonstrate the need for their spouse to achieve citizen status.  The couple will have to go through an aggressive interview process with the immigration board before a citizenship is awarded.  A good indication of marriage fraud would be the desire or act of divorce after a two year period of marriage.  If the couple is not living together, this can also be an indication of a problem.

Some cases of marriage fraud involve individuals who marry with a desire for some form of political advantage.  Royal marriages sometime are found to be fraudulent marriage, as an individual will marry another person of royalty in order to achieve the royal status.  The most prominent case of marriage fraud amongst royalty is the marriage between Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine that took place during the twelfth century.

There are several other reasons some individuals find marriage fraud enticing.  As a married couple, people are often rewarded financially.  The government extends great tax breaks for married couples, as well as joint health care, which seems like a winning situation. Married couples are also qualified for insurance discounts and several other money saving rewards.  While money seems like the main reason to commit marriage fraud, several individuals choose to get married in order to cover up a homosexual life style.  People will not be so critical upon them if they are married to an individual of the opposite sex.

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