What Is Microsoft Exchange

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Corporation’s wide range of computer software products, you may still wonder, “What is Microsoft Exchange?” The company website says Exchange 2010 is “the cornerstone of their Unified Communications Solution." That sounds like an important, fundamental something.

As a PC user, you’ve probably used Microsoft products for years. If Internet Explorer is your web browser and Microsoft Word is your word processor, you’re using Microsoft products. Other popular software includes the Excel spreadsheet, Outlook email, Access database, and PowerPoint presentation program. But what is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange, Defined

Microsoft Exchange is on the server side of Microsoft Corporation products. This client-server collaborative product gives users a number of flexible, cost-effective communication tools. Part of Microsoft Servers, otherwise known as the Windows Server System, Microsoft Exchange is just one in a line of server products used by companies and organizations that run on Microsoft infrastructure. Such products include the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Benefits Of Microsoft Exchange

The latest release of Microsoft Exchange, Exchange 2010, builds on the product’s proven track record. It gives companies and organizations a communication and messaging system that is rich, efficient, and productive. The product’s messaging platform helps lower IT costs while increasing overall productivity. And the software also provides better risk management through its protection and compliance capabilities.

The Product's Major Features

The Microsoft Exchange server product has a number of great features. These include programs for electronic mail and voice mail; calendars, contacts, and tasks; support for web-based and mobile access; and data storage support. Microsoft Exchange also has built-in security and encryption technologies, including anti-virus and anti-spam software. As a result, companies and organizations that use Exchange can better manage a range of security threats.



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