What Is Motorcycle Exhaust Back Pressure?

Find out what is a motorcycle exhaust back pressure. The motorcycle exhaust system is solely used to improve your engine's performance. Any materials that is not needed by your engine is expelled out of your motorcycle's exhaust pipe. Gases should be the only thing that is expelled out of the motorcycle's exhaust pipe. If there is anything other than gas coming out of your motorcycle's exhaust pipe, then you will need repairs.

Let's learn about how the exhaust system works in a motorcycle and how exhaust back pressure is formed. The motorcycle's exhaust pipe is connected to the cylinders in the engine. When the engine is operating, it circulates gas throughout the system. The gas expands as it circulates through the engine, then finds its way into the cylinders. Some of the gas is not expelled out of the exhaust pipe, and it then creates exhaust back pressure. All of the gas pressure should leave out of the cylinders and into the exhaust pipe at a constant rate. If the rate is thrown off balance, then you have the result of exhaust back pressure in your motorcycle. Many believe that there is no effect on your engine when motorcycle exhaust back pressure is formed. Either way, it is not normal for exhaust back pressure to occur. Most motorcycles only have one cylinder. Once the gas is inside of the cylinder, it is pushed out of the exhaust pipe. This is how fuel is lost in the process of a working engine. If there is no fuel, then all work is lost and comes to a halt.

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