What Muscles Do Pull Ups Work

What muscles do pull-ups work? That is a common question that people who don't know a lot about physical fitness and the human body may ask. It is important to know which muscles this exercise helps to strengthen and work when done repeatedly from day to day, so that someone who is doing these pull-up exercises know what they are strengthening. There are a number of different muscles that pull ups work in the arms and back and they are listed below.

Biceps. The biceps are the muscles on the top part of the second section of your arm, the ones that have classically been shown off to show how strong someone is by merely flexing. However, doing pull ups allows your biceps to become strong, long muscles, as they are lifting much if not all of your body weight a long distance. It is important to stretch your biceps before doing pull ups.

Triceps. Triceps are the muscles that pull ups work that are on the other side of your biceps on your arm, or the back part of the second section of your arm. These muscles help, in conjunction with the biceps, for you to lift yourself up to do pull ups. They are worked as hard as the biceps and will help make your arms incredibly strong with repetitive pull-ups.

Latissimus Dorsi. These muscles, also known as the lats, are the muscles that run from your shoulders down your upper back and are muscles that pull ups work significantly when doing certain types of pull ups. This all depends on the grip. When your hands are spread far apart with what is called a "wide grip" then more focus is put on the lat muscles. Doing pull ups with this wide grip is very difficult but a good way to strengthen these back muscles.

Deltoids. The deltoids are the muscles that make up most of your shoulders, giving a very defined look to people who lift weights and are in very good shape. These muscles are worked by pull ups regularly, as all the muscles around it are being worked in a significant way. While certain grips will work the deltoid muscles more then other grips, the deltoids are not the main muscles being worked in pull ups.

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