What Is Mutton

The question of what is mutton is actually somewhat less straightforward than many people may assume. Most people consider mutton to be the meat of any sheep over two years old. But other people have slightly different definitions.

There is also the issue of what makes mutton different than other lamb meat. When people eat lamb, they’re eating the meat of a sheep that’s under two years old. These animals aren’t fully mature yet and their meat is known to be especially tender.

Mutton, on the other hand, is actually known for being very tough and much more rich with flavor. Mutton is considered a red meat, and most people cook it slowly at a low temperature over a long period of time so that it won’t be too tough. The meat used in most mutton is from a female sheep because older male sheep are known to have a stronger taste that some people may find unpleasant. There are some purists who will only call meat mutton if it’s from a so-called “wether,” which is a male sheep that’s been castrated. These animals don’t have as much gaminess in the flavor of their meat.

Some people feel that comsuming more mutton would be beneficial for society, because It is a very sustainable meat that doesn’t waste anything. This is because mutton is usually taken from sheep that have already lived a long life. The animals have a chance to give milk and wool for a fairly long period of time before being slaughtered for meat. Eating lamb meat means that the animals have to be grown separately just for the purpose of meat production.

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