What Not To Say During Sex

Here is a guide of what not to say during sex. The key to good sex is to pay attention to your partner and keep your minds focussed on the hot sex the two of you are having at the time. When you say things to your partner, be careful not to say something that can be interpreted the wrong way. If you say something that you should not say during sex it can break the mood, and leave the two of you very frustrated and possibly arguing instead of pleasing each other.

  1. Don't say anything that can be considered offensive, even if you don't intend it that way. A comment such as "you looked incredible tonight" during sex might be misinterpreted by the other person as saying she doesn't usually look that good. Instead, just compliment her on how she looks without adding in the word "tonight".  You should not say something like, "this is much better than the last time we had sex".  Your partner might have thought the last time was great and feel insulted.
  2. Never refer to any of your previous lovers during sex with your partner.  Sex is something that is shared between two people. Even if you think you are complimenting your partner saying how she is a much better kisser than your previous lovers, that can be offensive to your partner. She might wonder why you are thinking about another woman while you are having sex with her. Avoid comparing her to your previous partners, compliment her without comparison.
  3. Don't point out imperfections.  During sex, sometimes an embarrassing action might occur. Sometimes bodily actions such as passing gas might happen at the most inopportune times. Do not call attention to it if your partner has done that. Instead, perform an action that removes you from the smell until it passes, such as kissing her, or sucking on her breasts.  This is also true of physical imperfections, when you have your love naked in bed pleasing her and her pleasing you, this is not the time to mention that she really needs to go to the gym the next day.



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