What Not To Wear Tips

If you're looking for what not to wear tips, then you're probably in need of some fashion advice. There's a difference between being an individual, and just being an all-around fashion disaster area. While it isn't necessary to look like you just stepped off a runway, there are some definite fashion don'ts to avoid. That is, unless you genuinely enjoy people pointing and staring at you out in public places.

  1. Short shorts are a no-no. There is a reason that short shorts (such as those that basketball players wore in the 70's) are on everybody's "what not to wear" list. It looks ridiculous. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when selecting shorts is that your shorts should fall to your knee or below when you're standing straight up. This ensures that there isn't too much skin being shown, and that the length is comfortable for hot weather.
  2. Socks and sandals. While some may say that this what not to wear rule goes without saying, it is obvious that some men have not gotten that particular memo. Sandals are made to show off your feet, and socks do just the opposite. On top of that, it looks silly.
  3. Sleeveless shirts. Unless you're at the gym, or playing sports, sleeveless shirts are also something not to wear. It looks juvenile and tacky, especially so when the sleeveless shirt in question is also essentially side-less. While women are encouraged to show as much skin as legally allowed, the same rule does not apply for men. Sorry, but nobody wants to see that much of you.
  4. Skinny jeans. Unfortunately, skinny jeans are still trendy, for some unknown reason. The cut is unflattering on the vast majority of the population. This is one trend that should have definitely stayed with the ladies. Unless you weigh about 100 pounds, and are as skinny as a rail, skinny jeans are clothing that appears on the "what not wear" list.
  5. Saggy pants. Sagging is still popular, but some people take it entirely too far. If you've begun waddling more than walking, then there is a good chance that your pants sag too far. The crotch area of the pants is not meant to hang at the knees! If you absolutely insist on showing your underwear, try to keep it at a one inch minimum. Those who have to walk behind you will thank you. 
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