What Not to Wear to a Wedding

Have you ever wondered what not to wear to a wedding? Weddings take place in a variety of settings such as churches, beaches, back yards, parks, on a farm and at a town center. Keep in mind the season, geographic location and location of the ceremony. The location may dictate a more casual attire, but there are still clothing items that are not wedding attire. Below is listed some of the obvious choice's of what not to wear to a wedding. If after reading you are still in doubt, ask the bride and groom,  or a trusted friend or family member.

  1. Sports shoes, sandals, or flip-flops  Unless specified, sports shoes of any type, sandals or flip-flops should not be worn to any wedding.
  2. Tee shirts should not be worn to a wedding. The shirt is too casual for a wedding unless you will constantly wear a suit coat over the tee. Even if worn with a suit coat this would be best at an outdoor wedding.
  3. Don't be graphic -   Any clothing item with a saying, caption, etc. should not be worn. Even designer insignia's on clothing should not be visible at a wedding.
  4. Another what not to wear to a wedding item is a Hawaiian shirt. The loud, colorful shirts are okay in a less formal setting.
  5. White pants are a seasonal item so consider the date of the wedding.  Should you attend a winter wedding, choose dark colored pants.

If you keep these general rules in mind, your attire should be suitable for the next wedding you attend.



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