What Not To Wear To Work At A Law Firm

You have a great job, you just need to know what not to wear to work at a law firm. Unlike other positions, casual Friday may not mean the same thing at a law firm. You want to make sure that you look your best at all times for the associates that you work with, the partner or partners and any clients that you come into contact with.

  1. Do not wear shorts. Even well pressed, khaki dress shorts have no place at the law firm. It looks like you don't take the job seriously and would not be appropriate for any type of meeting.
  2. Do not wear t-shirts. This is too casual of a look. In addition, do not wear t-shirts with any words or pictures, especially if they are inappropriate. This takes casual to a whole new level. Those shirts may be funny, but they should be saved for the weekends, on your own time.
  3. Do not wear a hat. It doesn't look professional. It doesn't make you look like a hard-working, trustworthy individual.
  4. Do not wear flip flops. Some sandals, like dress sandals may be appropriate when worn with pants, but flip flops never acceptable. No one wants to hear the shoes making noise as you walk down the hall.
  5. Do not wear something from your girlfriend/wife's closet. While it may seem obvious, you want to keep your hobbies away from work.  Keep that stuff at home.
  6. After hours is an exception. (Except for the girlfriend/wife stuff.) Most people who work at a law firm put in a lot of hours, many of which are after the office is closed. In this case, you can choose to wear some of the items from above because there is no chance that you will be in front of a client. It is understandable to want to be comfort as you are working hard through the night. What not to wear to work at a law firm is important during business hours and at times when you are meeting with clients.



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