What to Order at a Chinese Restaurant: 10 Dishes

Wondering what to order at a Chinese restaurant? 10 dishes will be discussed here, but there can be many more to choose from. These are items you must have when you go out for Chinese food. You can order all these dishes in also if you would rather eat in the comfort of your home. From appetizer to dessert, you won't be disappointed. One of the great things about Chinese food also is that even the small portions are enough for two people to get full on, so make sure you take doggy bags home with you, and don't forget to order some green tea. It goes well with the meal and won't fill you up on liquids rather than the meal itself. It also sets the mood for Chinese cuisine.

  1. Crab rangoon. Our list begins with some appetizers; this one is deep fried crab meat and cream cheese sauce in a crisp brown batter. An order usually consists of six pieces.
  2. Teriyaki steak. Most Chinese restaurants serve this dish, which is a thin piece of steak with a skewer through it, marinated in a teriyaki sauce. One order consists usually of four of these.
  3. Egg rolls and vegetable egg rolls come in pairs and are wonderful when dipped in sweet and sour sauce or soy sauce.
  4. Fried dumplings are minced meats and vegetables wrapped in an egg roll wrapper, but these are boiled, not deep fried, similar to pot stickers.
  5. Fried rice. Next come some classic Chinese restaurant side dishes. This is rice fried with your choice of meats. The usual choices are BBQ pork, beef, chicken, shrimp or vegetables.
  6. Egg foo young. This Chinese restaurant staple is a large egg and vegetable pan cake. They are large and a small order comes with two in a deep brown gravy served over white rice. This dish also gives you a choice of the same meats or vegetables that the fried rice comes in.
  7. Sweet and sour chicken. On to the main dishes! This dish comes in beef, pork and shrimp also, however the chicken always seems to be the least fatty and the most tender. The meat is heavily battered and is served with white rice and a sweet sour red sauce containing large pieces of tomato, pineapple and green pepper.
  8. General Tao's chicken. This classic Chinese restaurant dish is served with white rice and consists of deep fried battered chicken pieces in a soy based brown sauce, usually with pea pods. The sauce is sweet yet spicy.
  9. Orange chicken. This chicken dish is related to General Tao's chicken, however the sauce is an orange-flavored chili sauce.
  10. Moo goo gai pan. This is a stir fried chicken and mushroom dish served over white rice in a creamy light sauce rather than a brown soy sauce. 

Don't forget to order cookies for dessert with a final cup of tea.  Most Chinese restaurants will give you a fortune cookie or two, however you should order some almond cookies. They are tasty and light. Just the right thing after a large Chinese meal.

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