What to Order at a Moroccan Restaurant: 10 Dishes

If you aren't sure what to order at a Moroccan restaurant: 10 dishes list of flavor packed choices will help you out. If you enjoy food with an abundance of rich spices, flavorful meats and hearty vegetable choices then you are bound to love ethnic cuisine from Morocco. This type of cuisine is made up of fish, lamb, chicken and beef. Many dishes are served with nuts, raisins, and dried or fresh fruit.  While there are too many Moroccan dishes to choose from the ten below are plentiful in taste and the flavorful culture of Morocco. Be sure to try one of these popular dishes the next time you visit a Moroccan eatery. 

  1. Zaalouk– A great choice for any vegetarian that loves flavor and spice! This dish is made up of grilled eggplant and covered in sauteed garlic, tomato, and  cilantro
  2. Briwat Rolls– Choose as an entree or side dish, but either way this Moroccan version of egg rolls stuffed with your choice of chicken or shrimp will be sure to please!
  3. Merguez- Commonly served with rice and harissa sauce Merguez is a Moroccan specialty sausage stuffed with tantalizing herbs, spices, and seasoned beef.
  4. Chicken Pastille– A very Mediterranean twist  on chicken, Chicken Pastille offers almonds roasted to perfection and flavorful diced chicken stuffed and baked in a flaky phyllo dough crust.
  5. Fish Pastille- Like the chicken pastille this dish is also baked in a phyllo dough crust and boasts a stuffing of perfectly seasoned mushrooms, white fish, and shrimp.  
  6. Babaghennoush- A very popular Mediterranean dish, Babaghennoush is mashed eggplant seasoned with various  Mediterranean spices. Usually can be ordered as a dip or stuffed inside of pita bread.

  7. Moroccan Salad- Green peppers, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes make up this delicious authentic Moroccan style salad.

  8. Couscous– A popular grain used in Moroccan cuisine, couscous can be ordered vegetarian style with eggplant,sweet potatoes and chick peas; or as a meat lovers dream smothered with lamb,beef, or chicken.

  9. Tajine– This dish is named after the pot that is is cooked in and is a slow cooked stew complete with delectable meat, hearty vegetables and a rich sauce. Order yours as a meat dish or as a vegetable stew. You won't go wrong with either choice.

  10. Baklava– What dinner is complete without a mouth watering desert?  Baklava is a win-win choice every time when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth at a Moroccan restaurant.  It's made with sweet phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts, and topped off with honey or syrup.

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