What Is The Origin Of Adidas?

Asking what is the origin of Adidas is an interesting query. In August 18, 1949, Adidas registers as a company. The name Adidas comes from 'Adi' from Adolf and 'Das' from Dassier. In 1954, Adidas creates the first soccer boots with removable studs.

In the '60s, Adidas creates its logo which started as a three striped motif imprinted only on shoes. Also during the '60s, Adidas had the desire to help athletes with their performance. They begin to make their equipment for "fringe sports" during this time. Later, Dick Fosbury brings fame to the Adidas name.
In the '70s, the Adidas team wins one of the most coveted sports titles, and Franz Beckenhauer raised the World Cup in a victory salute.
Adi Dassier dies in 1978, and the company is carried on by his wife, Kathe, son, Horst, and his daughters. By the '90s, CEO Robert Louis-Dreyfus moves Adidas from a manufacturing and sales company to a marketing one.

In 1996, apparel sales increase by 50% with the company dressing 6,000 Olympiads from all over the world. In 1997, Adidas AG acquires the Salomon Group along with Taylormade, Mavic, and Bonfire. The company is renamed Adidas-Salomon AG.
In 2006, Adidas acquires Reebok. In combining two of the most well known brands in sports, the new group benefits, and continues to do so, with a wider range of products and stronger presence.
Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe (while it trails behind Nike for the title of global conqueror). Adidas has not only become well known for its sportswear, but now is known for its shoes and clothing as well. Adidas has had a long and successful history.
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