What Outfit To Wear With A Houndstooth Scarf

Know what outfit to wear with a houndstooth scarf. The fabric, first popular for suits in the 1980's, comes in a variety of colors making dressing it up, or dressing it down, fashionably easy. Whether you are looking for a professional workplace look, a playful style for dates or a day-to-night ensemble that takes you right from the office to the club, a houndstooth scarf can accessorize it all.

  1. Professional Outfit to Wear With a Houndstooth Scarf. Buy a suit in a complementary or contrasting color with the same pattern. For example, pair a red houndstooth scarf with a tailored black houndstooth suit for extra pizzazz to an otherwise professional look. For an ultra conservative feel, it adds a little color and texture as an accessory to a solid business suit as well.
  2. Party Outfit to Wear With a Houndstooth Scarf. Put on a pair of houndstooth pants that match the scarf and a complementary solid colored tight t-shirt or tank top, depending on your personal style. Tie the houndstooth scarf around your head as a custom bandana.
  3. Day-to-Night Outfit to Wear With a Houndstooth Scarf. For those guys that want to go straight from the workplace to the club with little clothing maintenance, put on a pair of butt hugging black dress pants under your suit jacket. If you're feeling real daring tuck a trendy poet's blouse under the jacket, instead of the traditional dress shirt.  Have a custom fedora, page boy hat, beret or other funky hat made to match your houndstooth scarf to store in your briefcase until party time.
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