What Is Oxycodone

Most everyone that has taken oxycodone felt its help in relieving their pain, but they still may want to know what is oxycodone. Well, plain and simple, it is a narcotic pain reliever — quite similar to morphine. It's generally prescribed to relieve moderate to severe pain, rather than mild pain. Oxycodone has a number of brand names, including OxyContin, Oxyir, ETH-Oxydose, Percolone, Oxyfast and Roxicondone.

If you are wondering what is oxycodone when it comes to class of drugs, its considered an opiate or narcotic analgesic. Because it is a narcotic, it changes the way your nervous system and brain responds to pain. Oxycodone is available by itself or in combination with other pain relievers, such as aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Those who are interested in knowing what is oxycodone from a dosage standpoint should know that the medication is available in a number of forms, including liquid, capsule, tablet and extended-release tablet. The tablet, capsule and liquid solutions are taken every four to six hours as prescribed or as needed for pain. The extended-release tablet form of oxycodone should only be taken every 12 hours as prescribed.

Another important consideration that you should know when learning what is oxycodone is that this medication can be habit forming. Your doctor will most likely start you on the lowest dose possible that will control your pain. As you take oxycodone over time, your system may become used to the medicine, requiring you to take more to control your pain. Do not take a larger dose or take more often than prescribed without speaking with your doctor.

You may experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking this medication suddenly. These withdrawal symptoms may include runny nose, watery eyes, yawning, chills, sweating, muscle aches, joint pain, irritability, depression, cramps, loss of appetite, fast heart beat, rapid breathing, and many more. Speak with your doctor should you experience withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing use of oxycodone.

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