What To Pack In Kayak Paddle Bag

Deciding what to pack in a kayak paddle bag will depend on the length of your kayaking trip. Shorter trips do not need all the food and water requirement that longer trips will need. Another important factor to deciding what to pack in a kayak paddle bag is if you will be paddling on calm waters or more dangerous river waters. Planning ahead and packing your kayak paddle bag appropriately will help make your next trip the best it can be.

  1. Water. For any kayaking trip, it is necessary to pack enough clean drinking water for each kayaker. You will need to pack one gallon of water per day, per kayaker. Water is essential so it should be figured out first before adding additional gear.
  2. First Aid Kit. A waterproof first aid kit will contain matches, a space blanket for warmth, and a wound care kit. When deciding what to pack in your kayak paddle bag a first aid kit should always be included.
  3. Food. For overnight trips you will need to pack food. Keep food in a separate water proof container inside your kayak paddle bag and make sure to bring the necessary equipment to cook or open your food.
  4. Extra Paddles. For long trips, and rough water, you should include an extra set of paddles. This is not essential, but could make for a much nicer trip if you happen to lose your paddle in rough water.
  5. Waterproof Bag. All equipment should be secured in your waterproof kayak paddle bag and the bag should be secured to the kayak. If you are bringing more than one bag, spread the weight throughout the kayak to ensure stability of your kayak.
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