What To Pack For A Picnic

A picnic can be both romantic and fun but you may be wondering what to pack for a picnic. Having the right food in your picnic basket can be the difference between a good time and food poisoning. Follow these tips to learn what to pack for a picnic.

  1. Pack a cooler. A wicker picnic basket has a look that is long associated with having an old-fashioned  picnic. The problem with a picnic basket is that it is not as practical as a cooler. A cooler will allow you to keep food and drinks cool. On a warm afternoon a warm soda from a picnic basket just does not taste as good as an icy cool soda from a cooler. Ditch the old fashioned picnic basket for a practical cooler when you pack for a picnic.
  2. Find an old comforter. Thin blankets or sheets allow the dew or dampness from the grass to seep right through. If you and your partner do not want to have wet bottoms, find a thicker blanket. An old comforter works really well. Make sure the comforter is not scratchy. You will be spending a lot of time on this blanket and you do not want to be uncomfortable.
  3. Pack some fruit. Fruit is a great addition when you pack for a picnic. It is easy to eat and stays fresh in a cooler. Cut the fruit up before you go. Make sure to wash it thoroughly and then pack it into a reusable plastic container.
  4. Throw in a few sandwiches. Sandwiches are another great food when you pack for a picnic. You can eat them with your hands, so there is no need for utensils. Do an Internet search for creative sandwiches. There is no need to take only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when there are all kinds of interesting sandwiches you can make.
  5. Pack your favorite drinks. A bottle of wine is a great way to go when you pack for a picnic that you want to be romantic. If a little more fun and less romance is what you are after pack some lemonade, soda or water.
  6. Wipe your hands. Make sure to pack napkins and an antibacterial hand sanitizer into your basket. Since you will be outside your hands will get very dirty. Hand sanitizer is a great way to get rid of germs if you are not near a water source. Pack more napkins then you think you will need. You never know when someone will knock over and entire glass of wine onto the picnic blanket.
  7. Take along a game or activity. Sitting outside and enjoying the scenery can be beautiful, for a little while. It is nice to have the option to do something else if the sound of the lake is growing tiresome. A Frisbee, a ball or even a board game can give a picnic couple something to do.
  8. Know where you are going Before you leave for the picnic have a good picnic spot in mind. There is nothing worse than driving around aimlessly looking for a place to have a picnic when you are hungry and want to eat. If you are unsure of how to get to your perfect picnic spot make sure to pack the directions when you pack for a picnic.

A picnic is suppose to be a relaxing day and a chance to spend time with a loved one. Do not try to over plan your picnic. When you pack for a picnic take only what you will really need and don't pack the kitchen sink. After you are done with your picnic make sure that you take home any garbage that you may have. Never leave garbage in a park. It is dangerous to the wildlife and looks awful.

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