What To Pack For Your Wife’s Labor And Delivery

As the baby’s arrival gets closer, it is time to decide what to pack for your wife’s labor and delivery stay at the hospital. Be sure to have everything prepared well before your wife’s due date. Just because her due date is the beginning of October doesn’t mean the baby won’t show up in late August.

When it is time to go the hospital for the labor and delivery, the bag should already be packed and in the car. Do not over-pack, but do take items that will make you both more comfortable.

Things you'll need:

  • Luggage or duffel bag
  • Essentials for mom, baby and yourself
  1. Your wife should have her toiletries, medications and clothes for to wear home. Loose-fitting clothes will be more comfortable after labor and delivery and her pre-pregnancy sized clothes may not fit. A nursing bra, breast pads and sanitary napkins for the trip home are also essential. Eyeglasses/contact lenses and saline solution need to be taken to the hospital for those women who need them. Moisturizer or massage oil is very soothing while you are waiting for the delivery. Other essentials for the mom include: lip balm, lollipops, pillows (at least two pillows with patterns to easily distinguish yours from the hospitals), comfy sleep wear and socks, and some basic form of entertainment such as an iPod. A hard, plastic or wooden back massager (your hand-saver if your loved one has “back labor”) while she is in labor. If you have not pre-registered, you will need to include her insurance cards and identification cards.
  2. Although two of you left the house, you will be coming home with three and you will need a few things for your new little one. Clothes to bring the baby home are a must! A shirt with snaps will be much easier than the clothing you pull over your little one’s head. Pants, hat, socks and blanket will also be needed. The outfit for the baby should have legs so when you place your little one in his/her new car seat, the strap will be able to come up between his/her legs. Which brings us to the car seat. Not only is it against the law to not have a car seat, the hospital will simply not let you leave without first proving that you have one and that it has been properly installed. Be sure you have done this a few times prior to the big day.
  3. Do not forget to pack things for yourself for the labor and delivery. You will be expected to play many roles in the next few hours/days. You will play the role of photographer, so you'll need to bring a camera with extra batteries, memory card and charger. If you and your wife have decided to video the labor and delivery, be sure and bring the recorder. You will need to bring your laptop or cell phone with all the important numbers and email addresses already loaded so you can call or email everyone to announce the birth of the baby. You will also be the coach during the labor and you need to bring some food to keep your stamina up. Quick, ready-to-eat granola bars, nuts and fruit will be a great way to keep your energy level. You will also need a change of clothes, sleepwear, shaving gear and your own toiletries and medications as well. Dollar bills and loose change for vending machines and parking lots are much easier to work with than larger bills. A large envelope to bring home documents and a pad of paper and a pen to write down instructions from the nurse or doctor are useful since you will be given some very useful information.
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