What Is Passport Fraud?

Passport fraud is one of the most serious crimes that a person commits here in the United States of America due to the attacks of 9/11 that forced the government to strengthen laws against it. A passport is a legal document issued by the United States government for citizens to travel in or outside the country to foreign lands for business or personal reasons. Millions of passports have been given out each year which opens up the opportunity for criminals to commit fraud by creating falsified documents. People who need these type of passports are mostly terrorists, illegal immigrants trying to gain access to the United States, men or women who want to conceal their identity, and criminals that do financial fraud, drug trafficking or alien smuggling. Diplomatic Security has numerous statutes that police passport fraud from 18 USC 1541 – "Issuance Without Authority" to 18 USC 1028 – "Fraud and Related Activity in Connection with Identification Documents and Information."

Criminals who engage in passport fraud use many techniques in order to manufacture this legal document for their own profitable gain and exploit many illegals who desperately want citizenship. Passport fraud is commonly done by substituting the photos inside with old passports issued outside the United States. People produce altered documents that verify their identity like birth certificates or social security cards. Another way to commit passport fraud is to take on the identity of a person who is already considered deceased. Lastly,  passport fraud can be done by circumventing the parents signature requirement for minors.

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