What Is Pcp

Before you experiment with the mind-altering substance angel dust, be sure to get answers to the question, what is PCP? PCP is called angel dust, but it will make you act like the devil having a bad day. If you are thinking about taking a PCP "trip" you'd better take another means of transportation, because you might not return on this vehicle.

The origin and purpose of the drug PCP. Phencyclidine (PCP/angel dust) is a dissociative anesthetic, a synthetic drug that was developed by scientists in 1959. In its pure form, PCP is a harmless looking powder (but don't let its looks fool you). PCP smells like strong ammonia in large quantities (which is why it earned its nickname, embalming fluid). PCP has been used on the streets as a hallucinogenic drug since the 1960s; it will turn you into a true zombie.

You could be ingesting PCP without even knowing it. PCP is making a return visit to the streets today. PCP may have even been sold to you under one of its many other names; wet, purple haze, dank, bobbies and amp to name a few. PCP is also known as dippies, hydro and lillies. It is also passed off as mescaline or other less extreme hallucinogens. So if you've tried a substance that was offered to you and it made you act like a fool, beware.

PCP has a very distinctive look and can be used many different ways. PCP is a white crystalline powder that can be mistaken for cocaine. It is most commonly smoked, but it can also be snorted, or taken orally. PCP/angel dust is sold in capsule, tablet and liquid forms and can be sprinkled on a leafy substance such as tobacco, oregano, parsley, mint or even marijuana. So think thrice the next time someone offers you a hit of their "best Mary Jane" cuz it might make you trip like a psycho. 

PCP has many minor and major side side effects. So don't experiment with this demon drug unless you are ready to meet your maker. Angel dust's side effects can be unpredictable, but in moderate doses you will have feelings of relaxation and mild euphoria. You can also become depressed, disoriented and even experience anxiety (as if you need any more anxiety these days). In normal doses you will feel powerful or detached and may experience visual distortions (pink elephants and lions sitting on the floor talking to you). Your heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure will rise and you will also lose some coordination. 

These are some things that will happen if you use enough PCP. Your respiration will drop with higher doses of PCP and you may experience nausea and vomiting. You will also have dramatic paranoid aggressive and violent psychotic mood swings. These psychotic episodes (unlike any you have watched on reality television) can last for days or even weeks. And when and if you come down, you will be wearing a straight jacket. When high doses of angel dust is combined with other drugs it can be fatal, causing convulsions, coma and respiratory arrest (meaning goodnight forever).

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