What Is The Prism Weight Loss Program?

Want to know, "What is the Prism weight loss program?" As a Christian alternative to group weight loss programs, Prism receives great praise from its followers.  The body needs nourishment, but comfort and stress relief needs to come from other sources. As in other weight loss programs, the emphasis goes on changing your attitude about food in order to accomplish permanent weight loss. Prism is a Christian, bible-based approach to renewal with God, and receiving mastery over eating. Many churches across the United States have a Prism Weight Loss Program. Transform the mind and the body to receive a better sense of spirituality as well as a smaller waistline.

  1. Support is Beneficial. For people who are already spiritually inclined, that aspect of the Prism weight loss program will be attractive. Participants turn the weight problem over to God and receive the support they need to be successful from God and from the other members in their group.
  2. Prism's Website Highlights the Major Factors. There is a website for Prism Weight Loss Program. It explains the course as a dietary plan with a workbook that includes readings to inspire and change the person's attitude about eating. Support groups meet weekly and include a video presentation as well as discussion with other group members for support and encouragement. If necessary, there is a home study course, which includes the workbook, videos and other materials.
  3. What Not to Eat. The main feature of the diet portion of the program is a low-carbohydrate plan that calls for cutting out white bread, sugar, and other processed foods. It is similar to Sugar Busters, though unprocessed sugars like honey are allowed in the Prism plan. In addition, the Atkins Diet is similar, but PRISM allows more food choices and is not as high in protein. It also does not have the emphasis on eliminating carbs that come from fruits and vegetables.
  4. Resources. The diet program is in phases, and more foods are allowed in each phase, with the aim being getting the person in balance so he or she eats the right amount of a variety of foods. Phases can be repeated as often as the person likes, or they can be extended for a longer periods. Each phase includes a workbook with 42 lessons; while phases one and two also have weekly instructional videos and week one includes an introductory video and a CD or audio tape for further inspiration.
  5. An Overview of the PRISM Program:
  • Four 6 week phases
  • Weekly devotionals and homework to help you examine why you abuse food, your self-concept and self-worth, and what God has to say about you
  • Daily food journal for recording the time and everything you eat
  • A list of acceptable foods, including artificial sweeteners

Tip: Pay Attention to Quantity. Emphasis is placed on healthy whole foods and moving away from white foods, processed grains, and other refined products. Weighing foods to ensure the correct portion size as well as counting carbs and calories are a big part of the program, ensuring that people see exactly how much food they are putting into their bodies and being more mindful about their choices.

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