What Is A Promise Ring

When it comes to serious relationships it is important to know just what is a promise ring. There are two different types of meanings behind the promise ring itself and it might be awkward for you if you get the two confused. One meaning for the ring comes before a woman is involved in any relationship. The second meaning is for a person involved in a relationship that is becoming more serious.

A promise ring given to a young girl is an object that shows a promise made between a child and an important figure in her life. It is usually a father that gives his daughter this ring at some significant point in her life. It might be her sixteenth birthday, it might be the day that she moves out to go to college. Each family has their own traditions about how this should be done.

A father gives his daughter this ring as a sign that she will keep herself pure until marriage. Because it is worn on the same finger as a wedding ring, the promise ring will be replaced on her wedding day. In fact, in some traditional marriage ceremonies the daughter, before her hand is presented to her husband, gives her father back the promise ring.

This ring is also significant in that is signifies a promise that the daughter is also making to God. It is an outward sign for others as well as a reminder to herself that she will abstain from sex until marriage. While there is a similar concept for men, it isn't always a promise ring. They may choose to wear a chain with a medallion or other object around their neck.

For people involved in a serious relationship, the promise ring may be a precursor to an engagement ring. The boyfriend would give the promise ring to the girlfriend to let her know of his intentions to marry her. If a couple isn't ready for engagement, this is at least a way to let her know that he is serious. A promise ring can be given at a significant point in a relationship, like the one year dating anniversary, or at a time when one person is going to be away from the other. The ring lets her know that he plans to wait for her and hopes that she will do the same.

In order to not confuse the meaning, it is best to purchase a promise ring without any diamonds (a sure sign of an engagement ring). As it is presented he will explain to her what is a promise ring and let her know what his intentions are. If you are planning to give a girl a promise ring, be sure that there is no misunderstandings about what it means. It could be awkward to give it to her and then have to go back and tell her it isn't an engagement ring.

When wondering what is a promise ring, there are two options that you have to choose from.

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