What Is The Proper Length Of A Belt For Men?

You’re updating your wardrobe, trying to get a little style going on, and suddenly think to yourself "what is the proper length of a belt for men?" For many guys, belts are no big deal – it’s just something to hold up your pants. But, if you really want to look your best, you have to pay attention to the details, including your belt. You don’t want a belt that’s too long and whose end flaps around, nor do you want a belt that’s too short and barely fits.

Aside from making sure you have the right color, width, and buckle to match what you plan to wear, the length of a belt should be just as important. A nice pair of dress slacks or the perfectly faded pair of jeans lose their stylish look if you have an extra six inches of belt wrapped around your waist. It becomes one more thing for you to fiddle with, keep in check, or otherwise fumble around, which is never a good style choice. In fact, it makes you look like a dork if you’re constantly fiddling and fumbling with your clothes.

To get the perfect fit for your belt, it’s generally recommended that you buy a belt two inches longer than your waist size. In other words, if you wear 32” waist jeans, the proper length of a belt for your waist would be 34.” Likewise, if your waist is 38,” you’ll want the length of your belt to be 40.” This is assuming you’re shopping for a normal style belt. There are some styles, such as braided leather belts, that are intended to be worn a little longer. However, for your average slacks, dress pants, jeans, and most shorts, you’re going to be shopping for a plain, ordinary, standard leather or canvas belt.

Whether you opt for wide leather, skinny nylon, or something in between, the length of a belt should still only be 2” longer than your waist size. The belt buckle doesn’t matter either. Whether it’s just a simple brass buckle or a honking Western buckle that could double as a personal satellite dish, the length of the belt it goes on should still follow the 2” rule.

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