What Questions Do Men Ask Women They’re Attracted To?

What questions do men ask women they're attracted to? The questions men ask vary, but in the end, guys end up asking the same questions of women they're attracted to, especially when looking for a relationship as men want to learn about a woman's likes and dislikes. Questions are a great way to interview attractive women, and even narrow down choices if you are dating more than one woman at the same time. There are different questions to ask, from superficial to serious ones that can make or break a potential relationship, but these questions are not to be asked all at the same time. They should happen as each date progresses.

  1. General questions. When you first meet a beautiful woman, some of the first questions you may ask if you're attracted to her, besides her name, age and phone number, are trivial questions such as her favorite music or favorite color. What type of music does she listen to? Does she read or is she a sports enthusiast? These questions do not put too much pressure on a woman; they only require general responses surrounding what she likes to do.
  2. Goal-oriented questions. Aside from the fact that you find her hot, what makes her even hotter are the goals she sets for herself. Simply ask, does she have a job, and if not, is she currently in school? In this day and age, finding a job is pretty tough, so don't jump to conclusions if she doesn't have one, but she should be working towards something, especially if you are the type of guy who wants a woman who can take care of herself.
  3. Relationship questions. One of the popular questions men ask women they are attracted to is whether they are single and when their last relationship was. These are two important questions to ask when getting to know a woman so you know where you stand and that you are not a rebound person after three months of being broken up with her boyfriend. Does she get along with her exes or are they at war with one another? If she is too cozy or using every offensive word to describe him, then tread carefully and decide whether you'd like to continue talking to her. Nothing is worse than dating a woman with unresolved issues, like an ex-boyfriend, and being dragged through the mud.
  4. Views on the world. One of the great conversation starters is talking about the news. Does she know what is currently going on in the world? You want a woman who can mentally attract you and hold an opinion of her own. You can ask for her opinions on politics and what she is for and against when it comes to political topics. What are her views on religion, or lack thereof? Make sure you know your stand so you won't butt heads, and even if you do, as it naturally happens, you two can work somewhere in the middle of a disagreement without too much friction.
  5. Sex-related questions. These questions most men dread, as they are afraid to hear something they do not want to know. Ask the women you are attracted to how many partners she been with in bed, what her views are on sex, whether she find monogamy important or enjoys an alternative lifestyle or open relationship. Knowing her sexual history is significant for starting a relationship.
  6. Marriage and children. This may sound like what women will ask a man they are attracted to, but it is not surprising for men to ask too. After all, some men want to marry and raise a family. Question your woman and ask if she wants to get married one day, and if so in how many years, or if she doesn't want to get married at all. The next question is what her opinion is on children. Does she love them but not enough to have them? Alternatively, does she loves kids and have a desire to be a mother?
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