What Really Happened To Tinkerbell Hilton Dog

What really happened to Tinkerbell Hilton?  Tinkerbell, a Teacup Chihuahua, arrived on the scene in 2002.  Adopted by Paris Hilton, allegedly after Paris watched the movie “Legally Blonde,” Tinkerbell soon became accustomed to exploring the Hollywood scene on the arm of her mom.  Tinkerbell was usually seen dressed in the latest dog fashions and went everywhere with Paris.  Gossip blogs frequently showed photos of Tinkerbell shopping, at movie premieres, and occasionally doing dog friendly activities like hiking.  Tinkerbell also starred in the reality series “The Simple Life” for all five seasons. 

In 2004, Tinkerbell Hilton was involved in a high profile incident that set off alarm bells for gossip bloggers and pet advocates alike.  On August 12 2004, after a break-in at Paris Hilton’s house, Tinkerbell went missing for a week.  Paris was in the national spotlight, mourning her missing pup, hanging posters, and offering a reward of $5000.  Tinkerbell was returned to Paris after a week.  No statements were made about what happened or how she was returned.  At this point, gossip columnists began to suspect that the returned dog was not the real Tinkerbell. 

Rumors ran rampant and media interest in this story was high, a fact that did not hurt Paris.  Speculators believe the dog had been staying at Paris’ grandmother’s house and Paris forgot she had dropped her off.  Others claim it was a publicity stunt. It is possible that the incident was a cover-up for replacing Tinkerbell with a new dog but no evidence was ever found to support this claim. 

In 2005, according to New York Magazine, Paris gave Tinkerbell to her mother, Kathy Hilton.  It is not known if this was the real Tinkerbell.  Paris soon showed up in the spotlight with Bambi, a smaller dog.  Sources allegedly told the magazine that Paris gave up Tinkerbell because she weighed too much.  Animal rights activists were not happy with this stunt. 

Adding to the confusion, Tinkerbell was still making appearances with Paris.  However, many people believe the dog that Paris claims to be Tinkerbell is in fact an imposter.  Pet experts believe that the nail color of the current Tinkerbell is different from the 2004 Tinkerbell.  They argue that a dog’s nail color cannot change.  So what happened to the real Tinkerbell?  Did Kathy Hilton play a part in this dog drama?

Recent news about Tinkerbell is hard to find.  One tidbit from the gossip Website, TMZ.com, stated that in May 2009, cops showed up at Paris Hilton’s house after neighbors complained about the loud screaming coming from the residence.  She told the cops that she had been informed that Tinkerbell had been killed after getting run over by a car.  This turned out to be untrue.  However, it is not known if this was the real Tinkerbell or the imposter or if this story is even true.   Also, no word on why Tinkerbell would have been out without her owner.  No new details have emerged and Tinkerbell fans are left wondering if the tiny Teacup Chihuahua is indeed safe or even alive.

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