What To Say During Cyber Sex

If you're thinking of using the Internet for romance, you'll need to know what to say during cyber sex. Cyber sex is virtual reality without the images. This means it's very important to know what to say during cyber sex to get your partner aroused and into the conversation. When you choose what to say during cyber sex you are trying to paint a picture and say things that you know will get your partner worked up.  Not only are the words you use important, but the tone of your voice can turn your partner on as well.

  1. Be descriptive while having cyber sex with your partner. Choose words that are very descriptive when having cyber sex when you choose what to say while having cyber sex.  Start by telling your partner what you are wearing. If you are removing her clothes don't just tell her you took them off, explain how you are doing it, along with any physical caresses or kisses you are giving her while undressing her. Make her feel as if you are there and help her picture each piece of clothing as it's removed. If you are licking or kissing her, don't leave out the details. Tell her exactly where you are kissing or licking and how, using words like softly, aggressively, or urgently.
  2. Create a scene while you are choosing what to say during cyber sex.  Don't jump around in your story. Go slow, make it easy for her to follow. If you are talking about teasing her nipples and getting them nice and hard, don't all of a sudden jump to talking about licking her feet. Don't leave her guessing how you got to where you are.
  3. Tell her how turned on you are when you are choosing what to say during cyber sex. Don't be afraid to admit that you are hard and turned on while having cyber sex with her. If you are are satisfying yourself, go ahead and tell her. There's a good chance that she's doing the same on the other end of the conversation.
  4. It doesn't all have to be about the words you choose. When you choose what to say during cyber sex, it's not all about your word choice. Typing out the sounds that you would be making if she was there will be as descriptive as the words at times.  If you have access to a way to send her a photograph, a simple message such as "check your email" in the middle of the conversation can leave her quivering in anticipation and excitement as to what she is about to see.  If exchanging photographs, be careful. It's best to only do this with someone that you know and are comfortable sending those photographs to.
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