What To Say In A Graduation Card

When considering what to say in a graduation card consider this: Whether graduating from high school or college, graduates have a wide array of mixed feelings about leaving the halls of education behind, and taking the next step in life. Therefore there does not exist one perfect sentiment that can be scrawled across every graduation card. Make your graduation card special—a card that will be remembered for years to come.

  1. Consider who the graduate is. Think about what you know about his college years, his struggles, his high points and low points, what sports he was involved in or awards he won, what his strong suit was, or anything else that stands out in the graduate’s college or high school years. This is a great way to personalize what you write in the graduation card.
  2. Learn what the graduate’s future plans are. Perhaps they will be attending another school after graduation. Or maybe they already have a job lined up. They may be relocating. When wishing the graduate a bright future, be sure what you write in their graduation card reflects their specific future accurately.
  3. Congratulate the graduate. Remember, this person has worked hard, and stuck it out for as many credit hours as it took to be awarded a certificate of graduation. That’s no easy task considering how high the cost of education is these days, and how great a demand college puts on your time. Say something uplifting and encouraging and rewarding in your graduation card.
  4. Respect the graduate’s privacy. Although it may be true that you have the inside story on Bob’s ludicrous antics during his college years, or Sarah’s slutty conquests, or Chucks numerous keg stories, realize lots of family members will read your graduation card. Refrain from writing something that may implicate the graduate.
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