What To Say To Women You Want To Date

Does the kitten have your tongue or do you know what to say to women you want to date? Hopefully the only time you're tongue-tied is when she's kissing you. If you're still unsure what to say to the ladies, relax. Talking to women is easy.

  1. Introduce yourself. You will know what to say to women you want to date by starting a dialogue. Tell you who you are and a little about yourself. Small talk is an effective way to get your foot in the door. Be friendly, keep it light and make the first introduction.
  2. Act cool. When you're not sure what to say to women you want to date, act cool. Taking an aloof but interested stance is a good strategy because the last thing you want is to be needy. Tell her about yourself but don't be too committal with your time. Women dig a challenge-they don't want a man to take care of.
  3. Ask about her interests. Part of what to say to women you want to date is to ask them questions. Keep the conversation light and friendly, but focus upon her interests and lifestyle. Without probing, you are sure to find out information that will aid in getting to know your new friend.
  4. Figure out her favorites. By understanding what her favorite things are, you will know what to say to a woman you want to date. The food she digs and the music she grooves to is powerful stuff. Tuck whatever she gives into your pocket for safekeeping.
  5. Pour on a healthy dose of flattery. A healthy dose of flattery is part of what to say to women you want to date. Tell her she's pretty and let her know you admire what you see. Throw out compliments without going overboard. Those niceties break the ice and allow her to warm up to you.



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