What Is Sexting

So you’re asking what is sexting, huh? Well friends, sexting is the information age’s contribution to all things that fall under the umbrella of foreplay. Sexting is just another way to get off without physically having someone with you to, well, get off. But don’t take the previous statement as a slam against sexting. On the contrary, when done creatively, sexting can be just as enjoyable as say phone sex or a freaky chat session. It’s all up to the to people involved in the sexting escapade.

Trying to define sexting is like trying to define sex. It means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Sexting could be sending suggestive words back and forth. Sexting could involve sending naughty pics to your lover. It could be the combination of the two. But, the one thing that’s universal about the sexting is the intent of said sexting. Sexting exists to get your partner hot. The stuff you choose to say, the pics you choose to send, are all sent in a calculated fashion to get her going on the other end. Then she in turn does the same for you.

Just like sex, it behooves you to be as creative as possible. There are multiple ways to say the same thing. It’s up to you to find out the best way to convey a sexting message to your lady friend in order to get her going. So in a sense, sexting is about knowing how to push your woman’s buttons from a remote location.

And, just like sex, a good sexting session can blossom from a seemingly innocent scenario. How many times have you given your lady a nice massage only for it to turn into a sex fest? Well, sexting can work the same way. You could start out texting her about a dress she looked hot in, and end up getting hot and heavy via text message.

So, sexting is what you make of it. There’s no rules to it at all. It’s all about creatively getting your girl in the right mindset so that when you see her, all the stuff you texted her can become a reality.

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