What Shoes To Wear With A Cardigan

If you don't know what shoes to wear with a cardigan, this article shows the kind of shoes that goes well with your shirt. Cardigans are mostly casual shirts that compliments most shoes and can complete a whole outfit, based on the type of pants you wear. So, look through your closet to find the pair of shoes to style your cardigan with shoes for the perfect occasions.

  1. Sneakers. The shoes to wear with a cardigan are sneakers, which is perfect to dress down or look more sophisticated. Both argyle and cashmere sweaters work best with sneakers and jeans while out in casual setting at the movies or sports game.
  2. Oxfords. If you want to look clean cut, match your cardigan with nice dress pants. You can pair it up with dress pants and oxfords and with a nice button up shirt underneath. The dress shoes and cardigan make a perfect outfit while out on a date or while being a guest at a wedding without looking over the top.
  3. Loafers. This is a great pair of shoes to go with a cardigan and is similar in style with oxford shoes. You can mix and match loafers with a pair of slim fitting jeans along with a cardigan sweater, which gives a touch of style and class in your outfit.
  4. Boots. A combination of cardigan and boots during the fall and winter seasons keeps you looking stylish and warm. Black or brown boots goes great with a button down plain cardigan and is a nice laid back look.
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