What Side Dishes Go With Oven Braised Salmon For Mother’s Day?

Knowing what side dishes go with oven braised salmon for Mother's Day will turn your celebration into a tasty feast that will make your mother proud. These side dish options pair well with oven braised salmon for your Mother's Day dinner. 

  1. Pasta with pesto.  For a healthy Mother’s Day side dish, try whole wheat pasta like penne with a prepared pesto sauce to serve alongside the oven braised salmon.  Toss some crumbled feta on top of the hot pasta and pesto for a little extra flavor.

  2. White bean salad.  White beans and onions combined with oil, vinegar, and some fresh herbs make an excellent side dish for oven braised salmon.  To enrich the flavor, make the salad the day before.

  3. Parmesan couscous.  Couscous is a healthy option that pairs well with braised salmon.  Jazz it up with parmesan for a flavorful Mother’s Day side dish.  Couscous is also available in a whole wheat version.

  4. Roasted red potatoes with tarragon aioli.  A fragrant side dish that is quick and easy to make and pairs well with oven braised salmon.  For the aioli, mix mayonnaise with garlic, tarragon, lemon juice and Dijon mustard.  This simple sauce can be prepared the day before Mother’s Day for even better flavor.

  5. Asparagus spears. This vegetable is versatile and a great side dish for any meal.  To accompany the braised salmon, try roasting it with lemon juice and parmesan.  For best results, use the thick spears for a tender, tasty Mother’s Day side dish.

  6. Artichokes.  While artichokes can be intimidating, a little practice goes a long way to making tasty artichoke side dishes. To complement the oven braised salmon, try sautéing artichokes with a little garlic and white wine for a tender, delicious side dish.

  7. Gemelli with peas and squash.  Gemelli is a pasta option that is made by twisting two strands of pasta together.  For this tasty Mother’s Day side dish, cook the pasta, and then add the squash and peas.  Throw in some butter, lemon juice, and a little reserved pasta to make a creamy sauce without all the calories from heavy cream.

  8. Greek garbanzo bean salad.  Garbanzo beans are tasty, healthy, and a nice side dish for oven braised salmon on Mother’s Day.  Mix together some feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives, and then add in lemon juice, garlic, and onions to make a delicious garbanzo bean salad.  

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